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Growing up as a punk rock kid in a place like Mexico was a little different than growing up that way in the US.

I was 15 years old and interested in punk rock music, so I played in bands in my hometown and because of the Punk scene, I got my first tattoo and I didn’t like it. I got hurt and I got a really bad job.

I came home really upset and sad, my father saw me and asked what happened, and I told him, he looked at me and asked if I thought I was capable of doing a tattoo and I said yes!  At that very moment, he began to help me make a home made tattoo machine.

We made the needle out of one of the strings from my guitar, the first tattoo I ever did was on my father that same day. 

He gave me so much confidence;  until the day he died, he was proud of his tattoos”

1990 Fetos Defecados
1992 Cirrosis Fetal

Goethe started tattooing over 30 years ago in his home town (Durango, Mexico) 

Where he opened his first tattoo studio in 1993 called  “Deadline Tattoo”

Deadline tattoo 1993





“In those years tattoos in Mexico didn’t exist as a form of art, It was a big taboo that Tattoos were only for criminals, 

so it was a hard start for us”

Diario Dgo 1995

– In 1996 he moved to Aguascalientes, Mexico where he opened the first tattoo studio legally established in that city, keeping the name “Deadline Tattoo” 

He was tattooing different styles, until he discovered the world of ancient Mexico and changed his life as an artist.

Deadline Ags 1996
Deadline 1996 2000

“I found that Mesoamerican Art was so unique and had so much to offer, because it is my heritage, I started to study

one of the most important cultures in the world, one based on rituals and Gods who overcome their own deaths”

Aztec back piece

– In 2002 he moved to San Diego, CA (USA) his international career started in downtown San Diego in a studio called 

“Church of Steel”  tattooing there for a couple of years and starting to attend US tattoo conventions 

Church Of Steel 2002

– In 2005 he moved to Los Angeles, CA.  and started tattooing in “Por Vida Tattoo” expanding his style of tattooing

and caught the attention of a lot of people. He started winning awards at conventions, appearing in tattoo magazines 

and attending worldwide Tattoo conventions (USA, Europe, Mexico and South America)

Por Vida tattoo 2005